As many of you know, for the last three and a half years we have been living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, serving as Worship Pastors at a church called Dominion Outreach Centre.  We have had the honour and privilege to serve this amazing body of believers in our nations capital.  It started over three years ago when our good friend Bill Prankard, who we have known for many years through our time in Toronto at Catch the Fire (TACF at the time), called us to ask us to come to Ottawa and serve on his team as Worship Pastors.

For two years we served with Bill & Gwen Prankard knowing that one day the church would be eventually passed on to his Associate leaders, Shawn & Michelle Gabie.  Since September 2012 we have been on this new journey with Shawn & Michelle as they establish the vision and direction of the ministry under their full time care.  Shawn & Michelle have a great vision from God to impact the culture of Ottawa through the glory and excellence of the Kingdom of Heaven.

A few months ago Kelley and I began to feel a re-awakening in areas of our hearts that were connected to our time with Catch the Fire Ministries.  Our time with Catch the Fire was not just in Toronto, but as many of you know, we spent a lot of time traveling with the senior team of the ministry teaching & leading worship and soaking times all across the globe and then spent three years in Raleigh, North Carolina helping Duncan & Kate Smith plant Catch the Fire Raleigh.  Our relationship and our connection to the heart of Catch the Fire ministries was deeper than we could have known.

In September 2013 we attended the 20th anniversary Catch the Fire Conference.  This was the first time in a long time we were simply attending a conference with no expectations or descriptions we needed to fulfill.  It was life giving, encouraging, but more importantly it felt like home!  At the time we had no thoughts of leaving Ottawa, but our connection to what God has and is doing in Toronto and around the world through Catch the Fire has impacted our lives so much we new we needed to be as connected as possible, just to sit under this atmosphere.

This brought us back in January to the 20th anniversary of the beginning of God’s outpouring.  We had no idea what would awaken this week for us.  Having the amazing privilege to lead worship on Sunday morning, January 19th at CTF Toronto, we realized something very important and for us, life changing… This is home.  Not the stage, not the building, maybe not even Toronto itself, but the atmosphere, the presence.

I want to be as clear as possible.  This in no way means what we are part of in Ottawa doesn’t embrace the presence of God or the moving of the Holy Spirit, if anything I think Shawn & Michelle would say that is their highest priority, to see people encounter and experience this amazing God we serve. But what I haver realized in the past few months is that something can be very good, and not require me.  Something can have amazing potential, vision, what seems like “all the right stuff”, but might not be right for me.

We often hear “You won’t find a perfect _____” (fill in the blank – church, relationship etc…) but I believe full heartedly that even though we may be far from perfection in many things, what is very true is that there is “perfect for me…” Kelley and I have an incredible relationship, I wouldn’t change anything, I love my wife more than anything in this world and I love her more and more each day, but I still can’t say we have the “perfect” relationship.  But what I can say, knowing 100% fully is that Kelley is the perfect match for me, and if there were ever to be a perfect relationship, it would be one I could forge with her!

This is very much what has happened in our hearts over the last few months – the realization that something can be good, but not needing to be part of it and that even though there is no perfect out there God does have the most perfect scenario for us to fit into.

So, it is with sadness and an expectations of what is to come, that we announce that April 20th, Easter Sunday will be our last service with Dominion Outreach Centre (Kingdom Culture Ministries) as Worship Pastors.  In the midst of knowing we are no longer to be part of the vision and future here, we do believe without a shadow of a doubt that God has incredible things for DOC/KCM.  We have of met with and worked out a transition plan for our departure with the leadership team of Kingdom Culture Ministries, and made a public announcement to the local congregation on Sunday, February 23rd.

Where do we go from here?  We are in an Abrahamic season as of right now.  We have heard God say, “start to walk” and we know that He will show us the way, but where we will land our feet and set up our camp, our home, we do not know yet.  What we do know is that we have set our face towards our family and where our hearts are – Catch the Fire Ministries.